CPH Hotels Partner Card | Bonusprogram

CPH Partner Card

Make a reservation quickly and easily over the Internet at the CPH Hotels Reservation Portal or give us a telephone call 01805 27 4000. If you already have your card number, that is enough to make a booking. No more need to give personal details, as long as the given details are still valid and correct.

CPH Partner Card Price
Book in any CPH Hotel and you will receive the cheapest available daily rate.

Guaranteed reservation
Are you late? Don't worry, we will keep your reserved room for you... although we must bill you for the first nights accommodation if you don't arrive.


Late Check out
You want to leave late the next day? Let our staff at the reception desk know.

Bonus points
We would like you to become a frequent guest of the CPH Hotels! And to make that especially attractive, you will be rewarded with bonus points for every night's accommodation. You will earn 100 bonus points for every night you stay in a CPH Hotel. With 2000 bonus points you get 1 night - regardless whether you need a single or a double room - free of charge in the CPH Hotel of your choice. to the premiums 

Information & Communication
What is new at the CPH Hotels? What are the special offers? We will inform you every six months about news, by e-mail or post.


Or do you want to make use of even more advantages and for only € 15,00 become a CPH Partner Card FIRST customer?


Have all the advantages of City Card


  • Reservation
  • Guaranteed reservation
  • Late Check out
  • Bonus Points
  • Information & Communication

CPH Card Partner price
Book all CPH Hotels at the CPH partner contract price that gives you up to 25% discount. (Bookings at congress and fair times available only on query)

Extra person overnighting
As a card-holding customer you have the possibility to bring an extra person - the price stays the same. (Up to an 15 overnights in a year)