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CPH Hotels is a hotel cooperation. Our hotels are mostly owner-managed three*** and four**** star private hotels and have been rooted in their regional market for many years. You can book almost all of our partner hotels here on the site, alternatively we are happy to take your reservation through our office. 

What is going on, which hotels are new, who has a special offer for their guests or even what has happened in a hotel – we will inform you about it here. If you are missing something, please send us an email, maybe your suggestion can be implemented.

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PS: We are celebrating our 25th anniversary!
Find out more about our history and the special offers that our partner hotels have in store for you!

25 years of CPH Hotels … how it all began

I am Sabine Möller and I founded CPH Hotels 25 years ago. I grew up in a hotel business. For a child, this was not always particularly fun, but nevertheless exciting. From this came the fascination that laid the foundation for my later career in the hotel industry. But how did it all come about

25 years CPH Hotels

25 years CPH Hotels – 25 years … simply good hosts! We celebrate our birthday year with many great offers for you!  Learn about new destinations, experience new hotels and see what surprises and information we still have for you on facebook, Instagram and Co. 

Host Tips - 3 + 1

  • Jana Maiwirth

    Hostess in Schwerin
    City Partner Hotel Arte

    Schwerin is known for its lakes, forests and architectural masterpieces. As an enthusiastic hostess, I recommend you

  • Nora Grohmann-Fey
    Host in Heidelberg
    City Partner Hotel Holländer Hof

    Look forward to Heidelberg, the city of romance and history! With your visit to the Holländer Hof, located directly on the picturesque Old Bridge, you are right in the middle of it all.

  • Renate Lewerken

    Gastgeber in Havelberg
    Country Partner Arthotel Kiebitzberg

    Herzlich willkommen in Havelberg –  in unserem charmanten Städtchen, wo Geschichte und Natur sich an jeder Ecke entfalten.

  • Host Tips 3 + 1 - under this motto, CPH hosts present their personal favourites in their respective regions. Under the CPH guiding principle "Simply good hosts", they provide cultural and culinary tips and beyond. Just read in and let yourself be inspired!

Nora Grohmann-Fey
Host in Heidelberg
City Partner Hotel Holländer Hof

Look forward to Heidelberg, the city of romance and history! With your visit to the Holländer Hof, located directly on the picturesque Old Bridge, you are right in the middle of it all.

Experience the heart of Heidelberg and start your day with a walk across the Old Bridge, which you will find right on our doorstep. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Neckar Valley and the famous Heidelberg Castle.

Discover Heidelberg’s Old Town, which is just a few steps away. Take a stroll through the winding alleyways, past historic buildings that tell of the rich history of our town.

A visit to Heidelberg Castle, majestically enthroned on the Königsstuhl, is a must. The cable car takes you up to the top in comfort and you can embark on a journey back in time through the Renaissance and the Middle Ages.

As “Simply good hosts”, we would also like to recommend lesser-known places off the beaten track. St. Michael’s Monastery is one such hidden spot. You can reach this gem around 3 km away via the picturesque Philosophenweg, which offers breathtaking views of Heidelberg and the Neckar Valley.

Look forward to wonderful moments in Heidelberg – we are happy to be your host for You there!

Renate Lewerken
Host in Havelberg
Country Partner Arthotel Kiebitzberg

Welcome to Havelberg – our charming little town, where history and nature unfold around every corner. As your host at Arthotel Kiebitzberg, I am happy to share my personal tips with you for an unforgettable stay in our region! 

Start your day with a visit to St. Mary’s Cathedral high above the city, a true treasure of brick Gothic architecture that forms the cultural heart of our city. Stroll down to the historic old town, a small island surrounded by the Havel, and soak up the atmosphere.

For nature lovers, I recommend the House of Rivers. This environmental education center offers exciting insights into the river landscapes of the Elbe and Havel.

For those who want to actively experience nature, we have a very special option: take advantage of our boat charter and explore the Havel independently from the water. Our boats can also be hired without a license and offer a fantastic perspective of the surrounding landscape.

Pure relaxation can be found on our own jetty – enjoy the peace and quiet and the picturesque view of the Havel. There is no better place to unwind and end the day.

I hope my tips will give you a good first idea for your time in Havelberg! 

You can look forward to a warm welcome at the Arthotel Kiebitzberg!

Frank Schulze
Host in Wuppertal
City Partner Hotel Central

Welcome to Wuppertal!  Enjoy the city with the suspension railroad from a truly unique perspective and experience Wuppertal’s landmark up close. Use our hotel combination ticket for a floating ride over the Wupper.  You can find out more about the fascinating history and technology of the suspension railroad in the Schwebodrom.

The Historische Stadthalle is a cultural venue that no visit to Wuppertal should be without – a real cultural gem in Wuppertal

First-class concerts and theater performances take place here in the truly impressive setting of the Historische Stadthalle. 

And if you need a little breather, take a “green break” in the city’s botanical garden – a real oasis in Wuppertal, with exotic plants and picturesque ponds. Ideal for a relaxing break in nature!

My personal tip is the Bandweberei & Museum Kafka – an insider tip for creative people

Bandweberei & Museum Kafka is a specialist store for ribbons and fabrics. Take a guided tour of the ribbon weaving workshop – a must for all DIY enthusiasts and those looking for a unique souvenir.

Whatever brings you to Wuppertal:  We look forward to being your host and showing you the well-known and lesser-known sides of our city.

Thorsten Hofmann
Host in Nuremberg
City Partner Hotel Am Jakobsmarkt

If you are in Nuremberg, there are some places you should not miss. As your host, I’m happy to give you my personal recommendations. Let’s start – typically – with Nuremberg Castle, a real gem with breathtaking views over the city and rich Franconian history.

The next recommendation – a walk through the old town. Stroll leisurely from the hotel, past Jakobsplatz along Nuremberg’s moat towards Kettensteg. The Kettensteg is the oldest preserved iron chain bridge in continental Europe. It is located directly at the Old Town outflow of the Pegnitz and leads you seamlessly into Weißgerbergasse. The quaint half-timbered houses there are a real highlight and transport you to another time.

Continue on to the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, where you can lose yourself in German art and culture.

And my personal insider tip: the Lauterhofen Golf Club – it is just under 40 minutes from the hotel and offers an excellently maintained course. The fairways are like a carpet and the greens are a dream.
So enjoy your time in Nuremberg and feel in good hands with us, because we are “Simply good hosts”.

Jana Maiwirth
Hostess in Schwerin
City Partner Hotel Arte

Schwerin is known for its lakes, forests and architectural masterpieces. As an enthusiastic hostess, I recommend you: Start your day with a visit to the fairytale Schwerin Castle, perched on an island and surrounded by an enchanting garden. It is a real gem of romantic historicism architecture and an absolute must-see. Afterwards, you could explore Schwerin Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that offers an oasis of peace and contemplation. And don’t forget to take a relaxing stroll along the Pfaffenteich, an idyllic lake in the heart of the city.

After a day full of Schwerin’s history and architecture, culinary delights await you in our Fontane restaurant! Here you can enjoy regional specialities in a pleasant ambience. As a host who takes the claim “Simply good hosts” seriously, I attach great importance to quality and service. My aim is to make your stay in Schwerin as pleasant as possible. I look forward to welcoming you to my city and to our hotel.

Almut Drais
Hostess in Worpswede
Country Partner Hotel Worpsweder Tor

There is so much to see and experience in Worpswede, the idyllic artists’ village in the Teufelsmoor, that it is almost impossible to limit yourself to just a few highlights. But as a passionate host, I don’t want to withhold my personal favourites from you.

First: The Worpswede Kunsthalle

A visit to the Worpswede Kunsthalle is an absolute must for every art lover. The Kunsthalle houses an impressive collection of works by Worpswede artists and provides deep insights into the fascinating history of this unique place.

Second: The Weyerberg

The Weyerberg is more than just a hill; it is a place of inspiration. The breathtaking view of the surrounding moor has inspired many artists to immortalise this magical place in their works.

Third: The Devil’s Moor

The Devil’s Moor is a nature experience of a special kind. Whether you take a ride on the moor train or explore the moor on foot, this unique ecosystem will give you an unforgettable experience.

My personal bonus tip: Restaurant PAULAS

Now to my heart’s place, the Restaurant PAULAS. Here, local cuisine meets modern touches, and the ambience is as warm as the people who run it. As “Simply Good Hosts”, our mission is to make you feel welcome and at home at all times. Whether for brunch or dinner, PAULAS is the place where hospitality is paramount.



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Schwarzenberg’s history dates back to the 12th century. At that time it was an important centre of silver mining in the Ore Mountains. In the cold season, the town is a popular starting point for winter sports activities of all kinds.



Together with its member hotels, the hotel cooperation has set itself the goal of making the training of future specialists and managers more diverse as well as more practice-oriented. In addition to the headquarters of CPH Hotels in Hamburg, several members of the hotel cooperation in Germany already cooperate with local universities that offer corresponding dual courses of study.



A men’s vacation in northern Germany in beautiful Schleswig Holstein. 

Bookable period: 03.01.2022 – 31.12.2022

Price: from 78,- EUR price per person and offer