CPH customer card for hotel guests
Bonus points for hotel stays

CPH Partner Card – Bonus programme of CPH Hotels

Do you often stay in hotels? Bonus programme CPH Hotels Then you’ve come to the right place!

With the Hotel Bonus Programme of CPH Hotels we offer you attractive conditions in all affiliated hotels. Find out more about the benefits of our customer card here. Fill out your personal card application and send it to the Hamburg office of CPH Hotels.

Customer Card CPH HotelsCPH Partner Card Price
Book your CPH Hotel with us and you will receive the lowest available daily rate.

Guaranteed reservation
Arriving late? Don’t worry, we’ll hold your room for you… but we’ll have to charge you for the first night if you don’t arrive at all.

Late Check out
You would like to leave later the next day? Let our staff at the reception know.

Bonus points + rewards
We want you to be a guest of CPH Hotels as often as possible! And to make this particularly attractive for you too, every overnight stay is rewarded with bonus points. For every 1 overnight stay, you will be credited with 100 bonus points. For 2000 bonus points you get 1 free overnight stay, whether you need a single or a double room, in a CPH hotel of your choice. Here you will find an overview of our rewards

Information & Communication
What’s new at CPH Hotels? What special offers are there? We will inform you about the news every six months, conveniently by e-mail or post