Sabrina Mall
Reception Manager
City Partner Hotel Lenz/ Fulda

I like working here, because…

…every day brings something new.
We are a great team in which everyone can contribute their personal strengths and every day brings something new with our international guests.
We work together like a big family, where personal needs are also taken into consideration.

Daniela Dejl-Andree
Reservierungsleiterin City Partner Parkhotel/ Wolfsburg
I like working here, because… …we are a great team in which everyone contributes their personal strengths. There is simply a great working atmosphere! The contact with the guests is very varied and it's a great feeling when we get positive feedback from the guests. I get the opportunity to develop myself through further training and this makes it easier for me in my daily work. This makes it easier for me to master the one or other "difficult" situation in my daily work. I have been working here for 12 years now and I still have a lot of fun and enjoyment in my job!

Gergana Vodenicharova
Receptionist Department Head
City Partner Hotel Goldenes Rad Ulm

I like working here, because…

.. … There is a very lively atmosphere in our hotel every day. I have been in this profession for ten years. I have the opportunity to take care of new guests and give them a very special unforgettable stay. I always make sure that the work in our team works well and that the goals set are achieved.