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Schwerin may be the smallest of all state capitals in Germany, but that hardly says anything about the sights of the city and its (scenic) beauty! Twelve lakes alone are located in the Schwerin city area and dominate the scenery. The best example of this is the famous Schwerin Castle – also known for the Schwerin Castle Festival.

In addition to the well-preserved old town, there is also the BUGA area, which is arranged around the Schwerin Castle. Schwerin Castle – there is a lot to see, to walk or to cycle!


Our hotel is idyllically located in the Schwerin district of Krebsförden-Dorf, less than a 10-minute drive
from the Schwerin city center. Alternatively, the city bus operates, and the bus stop can be reached in
2 minutes on foot.
We will be happy to advise you on how to spend your stay in Schwerin and what there is to see.

We looking forward to welcoming you!
Jana & Maike Maiwirth and team

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