City Partner Hotel Goldenes Rad

Simply good hosts!


The 24 hour tariff is 18 euros. The night rate from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m. is 3.50 euros. (The ticket can also be billed in the hotel.)

Arriving by car:
Our address for your navigation system:
City Partner Hotel Goldenes Rad, Neue Straße 65, 89073 Ulm

The City Partner Hotel Goldenes Rad is located in “Neue Straße 65” in the center of Ulm. In the same street you will also find the parking garage where you can park your car. Entrance to the parking garage at Rathaus West – directly in front of the Sparkasse. Please park directly after the West Entrance – you will see a billboard for our hotel there – take the emergency exit door up to the right – you are now directly opposite our hotel entrance. For loading and unloading, you can of course drive directly in front of the entrance at any time.