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Anyone who sees Essen as a purely business travel destination is doing the city an injustice! Whether it is the Folkwang Museum, the Zeche Kulturverein or the Villa Hügel as a landmark of the city, it all makes Essen an exciting art and cultural destination. Lake Baldeney in the south of the city and largest of the six Ruhr reservoirs is not only a well-known sailing area, but also a popular recreation area for the people of Essen.

As one of the greenest cities in Germany and located in the center of the Ruhr area Essen has not forgotten its old mining roots and at the same time has become an interesting short holiday destination!


The Ruhrturm can justifiably be called one of the city’s landmarks. For many years the home of the RWE Group, the building today houses a modern office complex in combination with a congress center, gastronomy, parking areas and the Webers Hotel in the Ruhrturm. From here, Messe Essen, the city center and many other sights are within easy reach.

Whatever brings you to Essen we looking forward to welcoming you!
The City Partner Webers Hotel im RUHRTURM and team

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What is the cost of using the FITX fitness studio?

Usage is free of charge for our hotel guests.

How far is the FITX gym?

By driving just under 5 minutes by car, alternatively walking takes about 20 min. Andrea Kumpfe and team

Are pets allowed in the hotel?

Yes. Pets (dogs, cats) are allowed in the City Partner Webers Hotel im Ruhrturm. There is a fee.