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Baltic Sea Destinations | destination

Baltic Sea Destinations

Beautiful Places at the Baltic Sea in Germany

The region of the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. You’ll find a diverse flora and fauna and an unspoiled countryside. Regardless of whether you visit a city, the beaches of the coast or one of the islands: You’ll find resorts that will please you. Spend a holiday on the coast and breathe in the fresh sea air. A journey to the Baltic Sea will mesmerize you – recreation included!


Rugen Island - Destination Baltic Sea Germany

Destinations Baltic Sea Germany Rugen IslandGermanys biggest island is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the republic. A visit to the island of Rügen will mesmerize you and its unique charm fascinates every single visitor. The city offers its visitors a varying program. Culture, recreation and wellness and events for the whole family: your stay will be more eventful than you would have expected it. The island of Rügen holds an extensive net of walking and bicycle trails. Spend a day in the countryside and recover yourself on the fresh sea air. During walks and bicycle rides on the island you’ll witness the spectacular nature and its inhabitants. Blaze your trail through green avenues or stroll around on the beaches. The bracing climate will revive your senses and your health will thank you for the recreational activities.


One of the most impressive sights on the islands is the 118 meters high ranging chalk cliff that is part of the Königststuhl tor. Right beside this natural masterstroke the national park Jasmund offers its visitors more bizarre and fascinating chalk cliffs. Cars are forbidden in this part of the island and therefore you’ll find peace and silence and unspoiled nature. The Granitz castle as well as the Kap Arkona are also located in the traffic-free parts of the island of Rügen. Only the local transport is allowed to pass through this region – so no need to worry: You do not need to walk all the way. Turmoil is basically non-existent in this part. An ideal place for families: Let your children play in the nature while not worrying too much. Spending some hours in one of the small restaurants and cafes will be relaxing for you and your family. The coastal resort Prora is also a sight you shouldn’t miss: It stretches itself over several kilometers along the coast and its historic background is fascinating. The landmarked building is located on a stunning part of the coast and you’ll have a view on the Baltic Sea that you surly won’t forget. The  that takes place from early June until September is one of Germany’s biggest outdoor theater festival. In front of a picturesque setting the young and young at heart are entertained every year with plays that deal with innumerous different topics. A perfect opportunity to spend an relaxing evening, after strolling around the island.



Wismar - Destination Baltic Sea Germany

Destinations Baltic Sea Germany WismarIdyllic located on the coast of the Baltic Sea Wismar is one of the prettiest cities in the region of Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania. It is also one of the oldest cities and therefore historic buildings from ancient times line up in the city centre. Architectonical masterstrokes – ranging from the romantic period to the gothic period – provide the cities unique charm. The plafond houses in the historic district are witnesses of long gone days and leave the city’s visitors speechless. The UNESCO declared the historic district of Wismar world-culture-heritage in 2002. This is the perfect opportunity to discover Germany’s history.


Visit one of the biggest marketplaces in Northern Germany and stroll over the world famous Schweinebrücke and the history-charged Krämerstraße. In Wismar’s small alleys you’ll find nice and cozy bars and restaurants as well as shops that offer regional handcrafts. The old water towers as well as the Archidiakonatshaus are must-see highlights of the city. During a stroll through the city you’ll be able to trace back tracks of medieval times. In the Schabbelhaus, a museum dealing with Wismar’s history you’ll get all the information needed concerning the city and its development. Photographs and relicts from past days won’t leave any question unanswered. Another landmark of the city are the cities docks that are directly connected with the Baltic Sea. The old harbor – meeting point for inhabitants and visitors – is still today a witness of preindustrial times and contains the charm of old sails days. The yacht harbor invites its visitors to marvel all day long: During the hot summer months friends of aquatic sports meet here in order to sail on the Baltic Sea. Stunning yachts and sailing ships can be observed here. A historic downtown with a maritime atmosphere – Wismar satisfies everyone, from young to old, across the board.




Timmendorfer Strand - Destination Baltic Sea Germany

Destinations Baltic Sea Germany Timmendorfer StrandThe borough Timmendorfer Strand is a small community but offers its visitors a huge variety of events, sights and a beautiful countryside. Why travel to the southern parts of Europe if there are picturesque beaches located in Germany? The city centre can be attained in only a few minutes and accommodates innumerous cafés and restaurants. This is the perfect place to relax after a day on the coast. Stroll around the small streets or the stunning spa gardens and make sure to try the regional delicacies. Hospitality is a feature that the community’s inhabitants are fairly proud of and you can be sure to experience this. The fish dishes that can be ordered in nearly every restaurant are not only one of the regions characteristics but they’ll also confer you with enough strength for long nature walks.


Flora and fauna offer a huge variety – still there is more to see. Daytrips to the aquarium or the bird zoo are highly recommended. Besides domestic animals there are exotic birds and fish from all over the world, so don’t worry about rainy days! Sport fanatics will also get their money’s worth: Bathing and sailing are popular in this region and the waters of the Timmendorfer Strand are open to the public. Scenic golf courses are also to be found in this region – the perfect opportunity to work on your handicap.  During the summer season the beaches of the Timendorfer Strand region convert themselves into big sporting fields. Beach soccer and Beach volleyball are only a few of many sports that are regularly played here. Since 2007 also the Bach-Polo-Open take place here – you shouldn’t miss this event because this exotic sport can’t be seen every day. Relaxing hours can be spent while strolling on the beaches or by visiting the Baltic Sea thermal baths. Stress and daily routine are foreign words in this region. Allow yourself and your family the recovery!




The Baltic Sea: A place worth visiting

Historic downtowns, small, romantic villages with a maritime atmosphere or a vacation on the beach: Our hotels will spoil you during your stay and will accomplish your desires. A journey to the Baltic Sea offers you entertainment and recovery. May it be winter or summer, the regions of Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania (Wismar and the island of Rügen), Schleswig Holstein (Timmendorfer Strand) are ideal destinations for a holiday with your whole family!


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