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Berlin Points of Interest

Points of Interest in the City Center of Berlin in Germany

Sightseeing Berlin Germany, Places of interest in the city center

Television tower and the “Alexanderplatz”

points of interest Berlin germany | televisiontower und Alexanderplatz

Already from a far distance you’ll recognize the district Berlin-Mitte: The television tower – one of the most important and impressive sights of the German capital – is in the immediate proximity of the renowned „Alexanderplatz“. In over 200 meters you have a wonderful view on the city and its colorful ado. At the foot of the tower you’ll find the town hall „Rotes Rathaus“ which is home to the current major of the city. The „Alexanderplatz“ which is also called „Alex“ by the residents of the city is one of the much-used nodal points of the city and therefore it is the best place to actually feel the atmosphere of the city. Dwell in one oft he many cafés and be mesmerized by the turmoil and the people of all different shades that linger in between the world time clock and the „Alexanderhaus“.


On the boulevard „Unter den Linden“

On the boulevard „Unter den Linden“ you can comfortably stroll in the western direction towards the government district. You’ll stand on a history-charged path and you can observe architectonical masterstrokes from various eras. The elaborate decorated „Kronprinzenpalais“, the “Academy of the Arts“ and the State Opera are only a few buildings to mention here. The Berlin Cathedral is one of the most significant protestant church buildings of Germany and is also on the way towards the government district. On the inside can you observe picturesque ornaments and relics that will simply take your breath away.



Wax museum “Madame Tussauds“

The wax museum “Madame Tussauds“ is located only a stone’s throw away from the Berlin Cathedral. Here you can observe cultural and historic personalities as well as contemporary celebrities. Sometimes you have to look twice, because the figures seem extremely real and alive. Make sure to take you camera because here you can get a snapshot of you next to your favorite celebrity. A visit to the museum is defiantly a fun experience for the young and the young at heart.


Art and culture on the Museum Island Berlin

Who wants to see more famous historic figures painted or canvas or in the form of sculptures should pay a visit to the Museum Island Berlin that is idyllically located on the Spree riverside. Here you’ll find the „Neue Museum,“ the „Pergamonmuseum,“ the  „Altes Museum“ and the „Alte Nationalgalerie“ as well as the „Bode Museum“ which are the most prominent and impressive museums of the city. Whether you are interested in French impressionists or antique weapon-collections: The museums inhabit a multifaceted collection from all kind of different art genres. The most celebrated exhibition piece is the bust oft he Egyptian queen Nofretete that is gazed at by thousands of visitors every single year. Make sure to spend some time on the Spree riverside after a visit to one of the museums. Especially during the warm months of the year this is a beautiful spot to relax for a little while.

“Pariser Platz” and “Brandenburger Tor”

Back on the boulevard „Unter der Linden“ you are only a few minutes away from the government district. The embassies of all different kind of nations can be observed to your right and your left.  Before getting to the „Pariser Platz“ you’ll walk through a picturesque avenue full of lime trees that gave the street its name. At the end of this avenue you can see the impressive „Brandenburger Tor“ that is one of the major sights of the city.



Amidst the government district

If you walk through the „Brandenburger Tor“ you’ll find yourself amidst of the government district. Around the „Reichstag“ building with its futuristic glass dome you can find the „Bundeskanzleramt“ which is home tot he current chancellor of Germany, the „Paul-Loebe-Haus“ as well as the Castle Bellevue. Make sure to visit the glass dome – you’ll have a great view on the district and especially during the late hours, when all the lights go up, this is a perfect opportunity to take a great memory snapshot. Stroll around the government district, a place where history is still written today. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is easily accessibly within a few minutes afoot.. The memorial that holds more than 19.000 m² is supplemented with the museum „Ort der Information“ where the happenings of World War II are portrayed.

Cultural events during the evening hours

During the evening hours the district Berlin-Mitte satisfies its visitors with a diverse cultural program. The „Berliner Ensemble“, the German Theater as well as the „Volksbühne“ are based in Mitte” and they are the most important and renowned theaters of the city. There are also concert halls and revue theaters such as the legendary „Distel“. Whose feet still carry on after a day of sightseeing and cultural events can stop by in the scene-neighborhood „Scheuenenviertel“ in order to have some drinks at one of the many bars, before hitting the hay in order to be prepared for another day in the exciting metropolis.



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