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Points of interest in Dusseldorf Germany | destination

Points of interest in Dusseldorf Germany

Dusseldorf Germany

Dusseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is one of Germanys most diverse cities and satisfies its visitors from the first day on.  A journey to the Rhine-Metropolis offers you entertainment all along the line. Ranging from high culture to avant-garde exhibitions or theatre performances, you’ll experience something according to your taste. Strolling through the historic downtown of the city or relaxing in small bars and restaurants - this city will surly overwhelm you. Dusseldorf is a nodal point in national and international regard.


Sightseeing in Dusseldorf

Historic scripts reveal the founding of the city in the middle of the 12th century and even though the city has been changing throughout the centuries the historic downtown still offers its visitors buildings from medieval epochs.  Not only because of the architectonical diversity the city was rewarded with the official seal “Location of Variety”.  The St. Lambertus church as well as the Johannes church are pompous buildings that are literally covered in pageantry and detailed ornaments – these churches will leave you speechless. Stroll over the historic cobbles in the downtown area and gaze at the beautiful artistic styles ranging from gothic to romanticism. Make sure you don’t forget your camera – the downtown panorama is a picturesque scene.


Besides the historic parts of the city, Dusseldorf accommodates modern ad postmodern architecture with its characteristic steel- and glass-fronts. Dusseldorf is one of the few cities in Germany that posses these modern tower buildings. Directly located near the historic downtown you can observe the perfect mixture of tradition and modernism. The so called “media harbor” on the Rhine riverside, the television tower and the state chancellery are only a few buildings that fascinate with their futuristic appearances. The modern skyline is also home to many bizarre buildings, such as the crooked towers. You don’t have to be an architect in order too see that these buildings are masterstrokes that you would usually expect in huge world-metropolises. Experience the future, already today!


Cultur in Dusseldorf
Opera Dusseldorf

Besides the architectonical sights Dusseldorf offers its visitors a huge variety of cultural events. The biggest art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia is located in the city as well as the famous art academy, that was an educational home to many famous artists.  The art prominence did not only spend their time listening to the professors in the lecture halls - many renown artists are still teaching there today. Alongside the nineteen national galleries there are innumerous small and private galleries located in Dusseldorf. Events in the art world take place every weekend.  Not only the fine arts have a long tradition in Dusseldorf – the first theater performances were put on stage in the 16th century.  Even though there are many avant-garde performances across the city, the classical theatre performances are fabulous. Music also has a long tradition in Duesseldorf: The city was home to the famous musicians and composers Robert Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. More than 200 classical concerts take place every year in one the picturesque concert halls of the city, such as the main concert hall or the Duesseldorfer Tonhalle. But not only friends of classical music will get their moneys worth. Jazz, Rock and Pop concerts are always well visited and a great opportunity to have a fun night out in the city.




Nature in Dusseldorf

Zoo DusseldorfIf you have spend an exciting day at the Dusseldorf fair or in one Dusseldorf’s bars or restaurants and you are looking for a relaxing day afterwards, Dusseldorf is still the place to be.  The city holds a great amount of natural parks that invite you to spend some refreshing hours in the nature.  You can observe international flora and fauna in the city’s botanic or japanese gardens. You can also wander through the native forests that are located at the edge of the city. On the Rhine riverside you can also find some exotic swamp and bog areas – a daytrip for the whole family. Wildlife can be seen and fed in the Dusseldorf  Zoo and Wildpark – a trip for the young and the young at heart is obligatory.



Come and visit the Rhine-Metropolis. You’ll be mesmerized.


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(Fotos: Düsseldorf Skyline - © | Opernhaus Düsseldorf - ©bogopicture/Fotolia)