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Points of Interest in Hamburg (Germany) | destination

Points of Interest in Hamburg (Germany)

Sightseeing Hamburg - Architecture, Culture and more

HamburgHamburg, Germany’s second biggest city, mesmerizes thousands and thousands of visitors every single year with its mixture of maritime charm and its big city flair.


Whether you are looking forward to the turmoil of a major metropolis or whether you want to spend your leisure time strolling relaxed through one of the many spacious parks or on the riverside of the Elbe River. Hamburg definitely is the city where you can experience a vast variety and that is what makes this city in the north of Germany as unique as it is.




Hamburg Architecture

HaHamburg Points of Interestmburg is home to architectonical masterstrokes from various historic eras. Be amazed by the old „Nikolai“ church or the „Michel“ one of the major sights and landmarks of the city. Amongst some impressive buildings and landmarks, such as the huge „Kohlbrandbrücke“ – a fascinating bridge crossing the Elbe River – and the old warehouses in the warehouse district the so-called “Harbor City” is a newly growing district that inhabits futuristic architecture. Right on the riverside glass- and steal fronts shoot out of the ground and impressively demonstrate how the future will look like. While strolling through the different districts of the city you can notice how the different parts of the city all have their unique architecture. Massive brick buildings in „Barmbek“ or old residential buildings in „Eppendorf“ or „Eimsbüttel“: There are many buildings that will fascinate you and offer you great opportunities for some memory snapshots.


Shopping & Sightseeing town hall

From the central station you can comfortably stroll into the city afoot. At the “Rathausmarkt” – the area surrounding the picturesque town hall – you have a beautiful view on the “Small Alster” – one of Hamburg’s many lakes. On the inside of the town hall an interesting chime is waiting for you. It’s tricky to find it, so keep your ears and eyes open at each hour. Right from the town hall you can walk within a few minutes to the legendary “Jungfernstieg” an elegant promenade for strolling where various shopping opportunities of all different shades are waiting for you. After a shopping excursion you can relax on the lake – a great opportunity especially during the warm summer months. Or simply relax for a bit in one of the many cafés and gaze at the city’s turmoil.


Leisure Places in Hamburg

Hamburg ElbstrandDue to the good connection of the public transportation system you can easily access the harbor from any place or station in the city. The harbor is one of the major magnets for tourists and probably one of the most beautiful spots in Hamburg. Gaze at the busy turmoil at the container port or take a boat trip. If you buy a day pass for Hamburg’s transportation system you can catch a ferry down the Elbe River for free and especially during the warm months this is an opportunity you should definitely make use of. At the “Elbstrand” (picture) the inhabitants of Hamburg gather on the weekends and take long walks or simply relax in one of the many beach cubs. Holiday feelings with a real beach – that’s something you won’t find in many major cities. The Elbe River can also be crossed underground via the “Old Elbe Tunnel”, where you can simply walk underneath the water. A fun and fascinating experience. On the other side of the river you have a great panoramic view on the city. Quiet and relaxing moments can also be spend in one of the many parks that Hamburg has to offer showing of not only regional but international flora and fauna. “Planten und Blomen” is one of the most impressive parks in the heart of the city – but green oases can be found everywhere in Hamburg. Take some time out after experiencing the city’s hurly-burly. Hamburg surly offers enough opportunities to do so.

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Culture in Hamburg

Kunsthalle Hamburg, Sightseeing MuseumAfter some relaxing time in the afternoon you can head of into Hamburg’s cultural life. More than 60 theaters, 100 music clubs and innumerous bars with live music performances are waiting for you. Hamburg guarantees entertainment for everyone.  Besides London and New York, Hamburg is listed as the top three city concerning musicals. Elaborate productions in picturesque surroundings are waiting for you! But also during the afternoon hours you can visit various cultural sites across the city. In the scene-districts Sternschanze and St. Pauli many small and big galleries are showing works of young artists. Sometimes you can already see works of upcoming celebrities of the art scene in a beautiful urban surrounding. The “Hamburger Kunsthalle” holds the biggest collection of pieces of art in Hamburg. Paintings, sculptures and installations of all different kind of historic eras are exposed here. The “Deichtorhallen” near the central station also hold interesting and breathtaking exhibitions – make sure to check their schedule beforehand. The renowned theaters “Thalia” and “Schauspielhaus” stage performances that are well received across city borders. Their wide repertoire amazes every theater enthusiastic.


Nightlife, Restaurants und Bars

Hamburg RestaurantDuring the late evening hours you can pay a visit to the legendary red-light district of St. Pauli where parties last up until the early morning. If you manage to make it this far you can pay a visit early in the morning to the famous fish market right on the Elbe riverside. Otherwise just get some restful sleep and visit the market without the turmoil of the Hamburg nightlife. Whoever wants to spend his or her evening in a quieter surrounding can pay a visit to one of the many delicious cuisines in districts such as “Eimsbüttel” or “Eppendorf” – culinary delicacies are waiting here for you. Bars in “Altona” or “Sternschanze” are inviting their guests for some drinks in an urban surrounding. In the Hamburg Stadtpark you find also dining options: Schumacher beer garden overlooking the Stadtparksee, the Café Sommer Terassen (image) or the restaurant Landhaus Walter with beer garden and a Blues Club.


Whether you like it quiet or loud, adventurous or causal – Hamburg’s variety satisfies every single visitor.


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