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Points of interest in Heidelberg | destination

Points of interest in Heidelberg

Sightseeing in Heidelberg - tips from our hotel keepers


Old Bridge HeidelbergOf course you have to visit the Heidelberger castle at first. The view from the old stonewalls over the Neckar valley is breathtaking. A lot of Heidelberg visitors do not know that a visit at the pharmacy museum, which is situated at the atrium of the castle, is really interesting and informative and it really does not feel like a normal visit of a museum. Very fascinating!
I always go with my visitors from the 'Brückenkopf' over the 'Philosophenweg' (a path in Heidelberg which is also a destination for tourists) to the old bridge and even after a lot of those walks I am still amazed by the great view especially in the late spring when the almond trees bloom. Certainly Heidelberg has a lot more to offer then the castle, the 'Philosophenweg', the old bridge and the market square.


As soon as it gets warm outside the sidewalk cafés and restaurants provide outside seating space for their guests. When I have the time I go to one of the cafés on the main street which has a garden or atrium and it feels like being on vacation. Besides walking on the main street (the largest pedestrian area in Europe) you should not forget to walk along the 'Plöck' which is the parallel street to the main street. There you find less tourists and a lot of small but really interesting shops. This is a real alternative to the main street.

Destination Heidelberg points of interestDo not forget to visit the surrounding of Heidelberg! You can explore the wonderful Neckar valley by boat and have a great view on the castles which are situated close to the river, drive to 'Schwetzingen' and visit one of the most beautiful baroque castles und enjoy some time in the castle garden, visit 'Ladenburg' and have a look at the remains of the Romans in the beautiful old part of the town and there is a lot more to explore around Heidelberg.

As well Heidelberg offers great places for revelers. From 10 p.m. on you can meet the entire population of Heidelberg in one of the pubs and bars at the 'Unteren Straße'. Almost each evening you can enjoy classical music in one of the churches in Heidelberg or at the theater of Heidelberg. You like to listen to a lecture? In a university city you can find an interesting lecture almost every night. You like art? At the 'Karlstor' station you find something for everyone. My favorite place at night is Cave 54 in the 'Krämergasse'. There I enjoy in a cozy atmosphere the good old jazz which is played live with a glass of good wine.


Kind regards and see you soon in Heidelberg
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