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Prague with family, travel tips with Children

Prague, Travel tips for Families

Points of Interest in Prague for Families

Travel to prague with Children


In Prague for Families with Children

A city trip with the whole family is the perfect opportunity to escape the daily routine and to show the little ones other parts of the world. Prague reveals itself as the perfect destination due to the fact that the city offers options and sights for the young and the young at heart. The mixture of events, natural parks and the historic district guarantees your family a trip that you simply won’t forget. The following hints will only increase your anticipation.


The historic district will leave you and your children speechless. Especially the younger visitors are overwhelmed by the historic city centre with its pompous buildings. Cresting the beautiful towers of the St. Vitus Cathedral or strolling over the Charles Bridge besides the Moldova are indispensable activities. The city’s medieval charm and the mystic stories concerning its history are ideal for a city trip with children. Short walking distances and a dense road network will protect you from fatigue and guarantee you a stress-free sightseeing-tour. The transport for children under the age of six is free at any time. Youngsters under the age of fourteen only pay half the price in buses and trams. Prague’s tram offers its visitors a beautiful sight on the city and passes the important hubs of the city. The puppet theaters that can be found on nearly every street corner communicate playful the city’s history to the younger visitors and satisfy the children’s curiosity.


Prague points of interest

The natural park close to the Prague Castle invites you to relax and experience. Allow yourself a break while your children can have a fling in the Castles garden. In one of the many natural parks in and around Prague you can take a break from everyday life on a day trip with your beloved family. Especially the botanic garden is a great destination and will delight you and your family with its diverse flora and fauna. A paddleboat cruise on the Moldova is also an absolute highlight. Especially during the hot summer days small and big boats sail on the picturesque river. The pleasure ground Stromovka accommodates the Prague Planetarium, where the youngsters can playfully learn a lot about the infinite cosmos. Besides that the Prague Planetarium is an architectonical masterstroke. The cable railway at the Petri Hill guarantees you a daytrip full of joy and a beautiful view on the city. The mirror-maze is also located at the Petri-Hill and invites you to laugh and get lost all day long. A lot of mirrors warp your reflection – whoever wants to bring home a witty holiday picture: This is the best place to take it.


Prague Boat trip MoldauA lot of destinations as well as museums are aligned for children’s needs: The toy museum at the Prague castle is the second biggest of its kind world-wide and exhibits toys from all historic epochs from around the world. The miniature-museum not only displays Prague’s streets but also figures that are that small they can only be seen with the help of a microscope. The technical museum playfully explains natural laws and physic particularities. It also documents the architectonical masterstrokes of the city. The young ones and the older ones are invited to be amazed and to learn something.

A visit to the Prague Zoo is obligatory! More than 300 animal species found a second home in the zoo that stretches itself over 57 hectare. The Prague Zoo is the biggest zoo in the Czech Republic. Gorillas and elephants, tigers and giraffes – the 1600 animals from all the different continents guarantee you a day full of joy and relaxation. The Prague Aquapark is also worth a visit. During this daytrip you’ll see the second biggest water-fun-park in Europe. Innumerous slides and pools for the youngsters and different saunas as well as a spa-section for the older ones are waiting for you. You’ll be spoilt here.

Regardless of summer or winter: Prague will mesmerize you and your family 356 days in the year. Whether you’ll visit the historic winter wonderland during the cold season or take part in the many fun activities during the summer months – your family simply won’t forget this trip to the beautiful Czech metropolis.






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