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Prague points of interest, sightseeing tips

Prague Points of Interest - Sightseeing in the golden Metropolis

Prague Sightseeing

Points of interest in the Czech capital - PRAGUE


You booked a trip to Prague or you‘ve been considering to visit to the picturesque city? That is definitely a brilliant choice: Prague offers its visitors a wide range of different spectacular sights and activities. The following hints concerning events and sights guarantee you a stay that you simply won’t forget. You’ll be mesmerized by the city’s charm and you’ll experience the beauty of the golden metropolis in the czech republic.


Prague points of interest, Sightsseing Prague, The capital of the Czech Republic combines old traditions and modern lifestyle like no other city in Eastern Europe. You can trace back ruts of ancient times while wandering around the city centre or stroll around modern shopping centers. Culinary variety can be experienced at one of the innumerable restaurants, cafes or bars. Come to know all the facets of this beautiful city!


A visit to the historic downtown will leave you speechless. The city center has been spared from the bombings during World War II and therefore presents itself in its original, historic condition. The architectural master strokes, which can be found around every corner in the downtown area, were also constituted “World Cultural Heritage” by the UNESCO in 1992. The Prague Castle, the St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square are only a few sights amongst many more that revive the spirit of the medieval city. Restful hours can be spent while taking a walk close to the Moldova, Prague’s most beautiful river that wriggles its way through the city. Besides all the historic sights and the historic downtown, Prague has to offer a lot more for its visitors: Countless cultural offers, sport events and other events of all shades ensure Prague a position in the first league of the major european cities.


Sightseeing Prague - classic points of interest

Teyn church pragueThe cultural branch presents itself to its visitors with a huge variety of all sorts of different events. The offers range from classical concert halls and museums to avant-garde performances – Prague bids entertainment for every taste and need. Right in the city center the cultural heart of Prague can be found: The National Museum. It exhibits phenomenal paintings and sculptures from medieval times to the modern era. A visit to the Jewish Museum as well to the Much Museum is also highly recommended. The art nouveau paintings of the czech painter Alphonse Mucha are prominent all over the world and a enormous collection can be gazed at here. A special museum is the “Beer-Museum” that is connected to the brewery Staropramen. You’ll come to know the beers history and the process of production of this local brew that is consumed in the bars and restaurants across the city.


Sightseeing Prague - music points of interest

Music enthusiasts are spoiled in Prague continuously. The philharmonic orchestra is meanwhile well-known beyond state boarders and is considered to be one of the best orchestras in Europe. You’ll also find small chamber concerts in the historic buildings across the city, which becharm its visitors. But Prague is not only home to classical music: Prague’s Jazz scene is to be found in a lot of bars during nighttime. A perfect opportunity to spend a relaxing night full of music! If you want to pull an all-nighter afterwards Prague is the right place to be. There are innumerable clubs located in the city center that keep their doors open all night long. The Karlovy lázně is the biggest club in Central Europe and ranges over six floors, right beside the Moldova. Prague’s musical variety presents itself to its visitors during the music festival “Prague Spring”, which starts on the 12th of May every year. The festival, which lasts for a couple of weeks, presents a huge diversity of local, national and international acts. This event should not be missed!


Sightseeing Prague - theatre

Points of interest Prag, Sightseeing ArchitectureTheater and musical also have a deep-seated tradition in Prague. The biggest theaters of the city – the Rudolfinum, the State Theater and the Status Theater – all share a long history together. Already composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart celebrated the premiere of his opera Don Giovanni in Prague in 1787.  The Laterna Magika – the new theater – also acquired cult status, presenting avant-garde performances that consist of a mixture of film, music, ballet, mirrors and pantomime, to its visitors.  Every two years the Prague Biennale takes place in the Czech capitol, presenting all sorts of art in innumerous exhibition halls across the city. If you are interested in art, this is where you want to be! Fans and friends of literature shouldn’t miss the Literature Festival during May. All renowned Czech authors gather in Prague, join together on a stage and read their prose. Dance-, Theater and Design-Festivals also take place during the summer months. Prague offers culture non-stop!


Sightseeing Prague - sport

Visitors who look for alternative events will also strike it rich. Besides all the cultural events, museums and concerts, there is a lot more to see and to experience in Prague. Competing with athletes from all around the world in a marathon?  No problem! Join the Prague Marathon – the marathon with the most participants in the Czech Republic. If you are not in shape or if your legs are tired from strolling around the city, you should still stop by: It really is a stunning event. There are also numerous climbing parks across the city, which ensure you a small workout during your trip. Whoever wants to start his trip of slow is also situated right in Prague. Daytrips to the hinterlands of Prague guarantee you some relaxing hours in the nature.  Trails in the countryside are perfect for experienced hikers and walkers as well as for beginners and amateurs. Monasteries and castles can be spotted along the trails. The Prague Zoo impresses with more than 300 species from all across the world. Elephants, tigers and gorillas – a daytrip guarantees fun for the young and the young at heart. Ditto for the Prague Aquapark, the biggest of its kind in Eastern Europe, that is located in the Czech metropolis.


 Sightseeing Prague - end of the year

Points of Interest, Prague castle by night

At the end of the year Prague presents itself in a different, bemused shape. The streets are decorated with colorful lights and christmas trees. Stalls sell national and international handcrafts and delicious food and drinks. This romantic ambience is perfect for spending the Christmas holidays far away from home and the stressful everyday-routine. Experience the turn of the year in Prague and be amazed by the fireworks over the Moldavia on new year’s eve. During the winter season the city turns into a picturesque winter-wonderland!

Culture, relaxation and recreation, shopping trips or sightseeing: Whatever you are searching for during your holidays, you’ll find it in the capitol of the Czech Republic. Prague satisfies its visitors across-the-board. During winter or summer: Your visit to Prague will always linger in your memory!