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Destinations in Rhineland Palatinate Germany | destination

Destinations in Rhineland Palatinate Germany

Points of Interest - Koblenz and more ...


Destinations Rhineland-Palatinate

Destinations Rhineland Palatinate GermanyLocated in the southwest of Germany Rhineland-Palatinate mesmerizes every single visitor with its diversity and its possibilities during a visit. Innumerous opportunities of how to spend your free time here are waiting for you. It seems that already the old rulers knew this fact and that is why they built their residences here, that can still be visited today. The bigger cities of Rhineland-Palatinate such as Coblenz, Mainz or Trier offer their visitors a huge program of cultural events and outlying of them you can spend some relaxing time in untouched nature. Rhineland-Palatinate is well known for its many rivers, mountains, valleys and green forests. Visit exciting cities or recreate yourself in a quiet, natural surrounding. There is no need for searching what you are aiming for – because you’ll all find it here in Rhineland-Palatinate, one of Germany’s most diverse states.


Koblenz – A city just like a museum

KoblenzKoblenz is not only one of the prettiest cities on all of Germany but also one of the oldest. Ten years ago the city celebrated its 2000-year-old existence. Purled with cultural monuments that are for the most part protected by the UNESCO the city inhabits a historic charm and flair that can be literally felt the moment you enter it. There is no doubt that you’ll be simply drawn back into long-gone days.  One of the city’s major visitors magnet is definitely the “Deutsches Eck” the promontory where the Mosel River flows into the Rhine River. This landmark of the city is not isolated, but surrounded by history-charged and pompous buildings and landmarks. The “Deutschherrenhaus” as well as the monument for Emperor Wilhelm I. are definitely worth a visit and literally only a stone’s throw away.  One highlight surly is a ride with the Rhine Cable Car that will take you over the Rhine River straight up to the fortress “Ehrenbreitstein” that is sitting enthroned above the city. From to the top of the hill you’ll have a beautiful panoramic view on the city and inside the fortress you can gaze at old relicts from the 16th century. Besides the fortress there are castles and palaces waiting for you as well as sacred building. The renowned “Balduin Bridge” was built in the 14th century and is still in use today. Take a stroll over it and you’ll feel as if you are drawn back into medieval times. The historic downtown is home to many more architectonical masterstrokes from long gone days. You’ll feel as if you are walking through a museum with the exception that can observe everything from a close distance and take photographs of it – a fascinating experience.

Besides the famous landmarks and sights and the pompous and impressive buildings there is a lot more that Koblenz offers its visitors. The city is home to many museums, theaters and concert halls and nearly every night cultural events take place in various locations. This surly is a nice supplement after a nice stroll through the city. End your day with a relaxing dinner with some regional specialties such as “Dunkes” or “Sauerbraten”. A glass of local wine surly is the culmination after an exciting and adventurous day in an idyllic and picturesque atmosphere.


Mountains, Valleys, Rivers – Beautiful nature in Rhineland-Palatinate

Rhineland Palatinate NatureRhine, Mosel, Saar and Lahn – the most beautiful rivers of Germany float through the green state of Rhineland-Palatinate. But these are only a few to mention at this point: There are many more rivers and innumerous lakes exist in Rhineland-Palatinate, too. During the summer time you can take refreshing swims here and during the winter months the natural surrounding changes into a magical and quite often snowy winter wonderland. Alongside the Rhine River you’ll find spacious green districts – trail heads are waiting in them for you to be explored. Here you can spend some days far away from the stressful daily routine and during a walk in one of the many forests or on the riverside you can comfortably balance body and mind. On the mountaintops many impressive castles can be observed and they are open to the public and this is a great opportunity for a stop during a hike. Especially the castle “Stolzenfels” and the “Marksburg” which are easily accessibly from the small city of Remagen are beautiful buildings that weren’t destroyed during World War II and therefore still present themselves in their original shape. On the hillsides of the Mosel River you’ll be able to observe many vineries and here you can try the freshly produced wine immediately. A great reward after a day of hiking. And don’t forget to bring your camera: The sunsets above the river are stunning and this is a great opportunity for a picturesque memory snapshot. 

Rhineland-Palatinate: More opportunities to spend your free time

Besides the cultural metropolises such as Coblenz and the picturesque natural surrounding Rhineland-Palatinate has to offer its visitors even more possibilities to spend their free time. Celebrate the carnival in a playful atmosphere in the city of Mainz and be mesmerized by the lovely decorated carnival carts during one of the parades. Or visit the former government city of Bonn, where the German history was written only a decade ago. Dwell in the parks of Rhineland-Palatinate that were erected by Empress Augustine or visit the neighboring country of Luxembourg during a day trip. Rhineland-Palatinate will convince you and you can be sure to have an adventurous and diversified stay. And whoever visited Rhineland-Palatinate once will come back – this rule proofed to be true throughout the years – but simply come and see for yourself.


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