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Points of Interest in Wiesbaden | destination

Points of Interest in Wiesbaden

Sightseeing in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden Points of InterestWiesbaden – the city of springs (26 hot springs are known) – that already the Romans appreciated and named the colony ‘Aquae Mattiacorum’.

This beautiful and climate petted city on the brink of Taunus and Rheingau you could explore in manifold ways. Especially attractive is the drive with the Wiesbaden local line THermine to explore the historical points, noble villa quarter and presentable city centre of Wiesbaden.

This rail gets you with much worth knowing information to the numerous sights:

Discover the spa house Wiesbaden, the world famous casino (here the poet Fjodor Dostojewski was inspired for his novel ‘Der Spieler’) and the Hessian Theatre on your first stopover. Maybe you will plan a ‘game’ or a ‘theatre visit’.

It goes on through gorgeous mansion buildings to the Neroberg – the 245 high local mountain of Wiesbaden: Here is the next stopover to discover: Drive with the ropeway which is water driven to the mountain station to enjoy the wonderful view over Wiesbaden and to visit the unique Russian chapel. In summer you can enjoy some stress-free hours in one of Germanys most beautiful open air baths, the Opelbad. For the sporty orientated people a visit of the climbing forrest Neroberg opens up.


The drive goes on to the Wiesbaden city castle (today Hessian Landtag), market place and Wilhelmsstraße. A shopping street par excellence.

And aside of this route you could enjoy further highlights: the biebricher castle, the Emperor-Friedrich-Therm (very advisable), the field of experience of the minds in the castle Freudenberg and the romantic Schiersteiner harbour. Here you also have the first contact with the Rhine and the Rheingau.

For the Rheingau you should allow extra time:

Discover the romantic wine places Eltville, Hattenheim, Oestrich-Winkel, Rüdesheim and more. Well-known vineyards invite for a sample-swallow and to a homely stay in their restaurants. And do you already know the abbey Eberbach, Castle Johannisberg, Castle Vollrads and the Niederwald-monument in Rüdesheim?




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