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Castle Festival Heidelberg and Hotel

Heidelberg Castle Festival - Music and Art in Heidelberg

Castle Festival Heidelberg - Date: 12th June - 01st August 2021

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Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele, Heidelberg HotelSince 1926, the dreamy city of Heidelberg has been transformed into a cultural stronghold every summer in the heart of Baden. Hundreds of visitors from all over Germany then flock to the historic city and turn the streets and alleys into a colorful bustle. The Theater Festival in Heidelberg is one of the largest and most well-known in Germany and will inspire the audience again this year. In addition to the theater, music and art are also the focus of the performances and the varied program guarantees entertainment for young and old.

Nearly 30,000 people each year enjoy dance theaters, operettas and musical performances in a variety of venues scattered around the city. However, most of the events take place in the castle courtyard of the beautiful Heidelberg Castle.

The castle has been extended over different architectural eras, and thus, magnificent facades from different centuries line up to offer the spectators a dreamlike and breathtaking backdrop. You can almost get lost between the castle walls, so large is the terrain that was developed by the former builders in Heidelberg. Trees entwine themselves between the frail stone and take the viewer on a journey through time to the Middle Ages. The performances of the Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele will enchant you in every case, but the castle alone is an absolute feast for the eyes. The younger visitors in particular like to spend their time here for hours. Concerts in the castle chapel will make your neck hair stand on end - the acoustics in the historic halls are breathtaking. In addition to the cultural events, Heidelberg also presents itself from its best side: Numerous restaurateurs indulge you with culinary delights from all over the world and the showcase competition as well as the many small artists in Heidelberg's streets make everyday life forgetful and guarantee you relaxed days. As a small extra, you can use the ticket for an event all public transport in Heidelberg.