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Mozart Festival Wurzburg 2021 (Germany)

Mozartfest Wurzburg - Cultural festival in the residential city

Mozart Festival Wurzburg - Date: 28th May - 27th June 2021

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Mozartfest Würzburg, Hotels in WürzburgOnly once did Mozart visit Wurzburg. In a letter to his sister, he described the good food and the magnificent city. What prompted the city to devote just such a festival to the deceased composer is a question for which there is a simple answer. Hermann Zilcher, former head of the Wurzburg Conservatory and initiator of the first Mozart Festival was a confessed Mozart fanatic. This was the reason why in 1921 the first Mozart Festival took place in Wurzburg.
And so it seems today as if the Austrian composer had also worked in the south of Germany, transforms the city for a month Mozart Festival in a Mozart center. Since time immemorial, the Mozart Festival takes place once a year and enchants its visitors with the sounds of classical music. Wurzburg offers a wonderful backdrop to classical music: the city, which is around a thousand years old, is still lined with old sidewalks, parts of the old city walls and historic buildings. In the city's classic concert halls, such as the Hochamt or the Kaisersaal, some of the approximately forty concerts and events are held.

Mozart, Mozartfest WürzburgBut the other venues also contain an ancient magic: the Neubaukirche and the Bronnbach Monastery will take you back to Mozart's days with the help of the restored interior. The Würzburg Residence is not only a place for concerts during the festival, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore the impressive building at noon, while in the evening you will be pampered by the sounds of music and a local Franconian wine.

In addition to the traditional symphonic and orchestral concerts, the Mozart Festival has always broadened its horizons, so that there are many multi-faceted events around the classical concerts.

The up-and-coming competition "Rising Stars" will present you the classic stars of tomorrow today. Events around Mozart's life take place in the heart of Würzburg on the first days of the festival. And for the little ones there are informative and entertaining concerts and events.

Mozart in Franconia and not in Salzburg - let yourself be surprised. Come to the Mozart Festival in Wurzburg and stay overnight at the City Partner Hotel Strauss!