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Summer in Lesmona Bremen: Classic-Open-Air

Summer in Lesmona: Classic-Open-Air of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

Summer in Lesmona Bremen - Date: 16nd July - 18nd July 2021
Picknick beim Klassik Open Air "Sommer in Lesmona" in BremenA rather young tradition has found its way into Bremen since 1995. On a nice weekend in summer, the people of Bremen pack their picnic baskets and pull together in the Knoops Park at the Lesum and let themselves be spoiled in the open air by the sounds of classical music. If only a few hundred spectators were registered in the first year of the event, more than 10,000 classical music fans went to the event last year. The cult status has long reached "summer in Lesmona".
Despite the numerous visitors, the festival in Bremen impresses with its familiar atmosphere. Before and after the concerts sociable picnics. The 65-hectare park serves as a picturesque backdrop. Discover local flora and fauna after the concerts, relax in the shade of the trees or dangle your feet in the cool waters of Lesum. With a normal visit to a classical concert, this open-air does not have much in common and that's what makes this weekend special and gives this event its unique charm.
Sommer in Lesmona Bremen, Hotels in BremenThe classic open-air of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen is this also ideal for the whole family. Younger visitors can enjoy the park while listening to the sounds of the orchestra. The younger generation also thinks otherwise: a children's program that entertains the children musically and encourages them to participate is an integral part of the Bremer Festivals.
The Bremer Kammerphilharmonie is constantly in the spotlight at the "Summer in Lesmona". The renowned orchestra does not enchant the international audience this weekend, but the local! In addition to opera arias of international artists and classical performances, there will be music of various genres throughout the day. When the sun goes down slowly and the Philharmonie begins the grand finale, you will also notice why "Summer in Lesmona" is such a popular classic open-air. Come to Bremen for the "Summer in Lesmona" andstay the night nearby at the Country Partner Hotel Worpsweder Tor in Worpswede, about 30 minutes away.