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Business Travel, Germany, Service, CPH HotelsPlan and book Company business trips:

CPH Hotels is offering you with just one contact person access to over 50 private hotels all over Germany and Europe. Take advantage of our company rates and get all hotels with just one click. By using our “direct booking link” you will get to your safe company section. All negotiated rates, according to your needs, are shown in a clear and easy way. Analyze together with us your travels and get statistics of your bookings.


Plan and book individual business trips:

If you are travelling a lot, you know how it feels to check into a hotel and never see a face twice. We always see each other twice at CPH Hotels. We are aiming to arrange the most personal stay. We know the preferences of our regular guests by blocking your favorite room, serving your preferred cup of tea or call your taxi, just as always. Become owner of a CPH Partner Card and profit by our company rates. Book your CPH Hotel with your “good name” (and a booking code) comfortably on the phone or through the internet. Talk with us about your high frequented destinations and optimize your travel costs.


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